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Born 1988 in Celje, Slovenia.


Began to play violin at age six - after the private violin profesor Radovan Marvin discovered her musical talent in kindergarten.


After two years private musical education she completed elementary music school »Risto Savin« Žalec (Slovenia) by prof. Tanja Miklavc. 


Completed music high school in 2007 at the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Maribor (Art Grammar School, Slovenia) in class prof. Vesna Čobal.


Finished her Bachelor Degree at University for Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria) in 2011, IGP, violin classic, class prof. Anke Schittenhelm.


In 2014 she earned the degree Master of Arts - PPCM (Performance Practice in Contemporary Music) at the same University, under the lead of the renowned ensemble »Klangforum Wien«, teachers include : Anette Bik, Sophie Schafleitner, Dimitrios Polisoidis and others.


Doris Segula has a special interest in making diverse musical interpretations and exploring the boundaries of violin playing. In last eight years she made performaces as a soloist and in different groups (tango project »Arstango« with accordeonist Marko Hatlak, jazz in duo »New Paris« with doublebassist Luka Herman Gaiser, improvised music with guitar player Samo Ismajlovič and percussionist Bojan Krhlanko, etc.), last five years mostly projects with contemporary music (»Impuls«, »Musikprotokoll«, »Opern der Zukinft« in Graz -Austria,  »Neofonia« , Ensemble "MD7" - Slovenia, conductor Steven Loy) . 


As classical trained violin player she played in various orchestras, such as the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonic Orcherstra of Slovenian National Theater Maribor, String Orchestra Celje (Slovenia), String Orchestra Capella Callioppe (Graz), as well as with other project or summer festival orchestras (International simfonic Orchestra  »Die Preisträger« – Switzerland, Orchestra »House of Cultur« Celje-Slovenia).

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